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Logging the application course is one of the most important concept which every application should follow. The concept of Logging is so important that it is one of the factors of  The Twelve-Factor App methodology.

Normally the logging is generally done in a text file, which is fine. Sometimes it is better to have some kind of realtime notification for critical errors or exceptions. Keeping the same in mind in this article, we will build a slack logger which whenever called upon with exception object will send a notification to Slack along with all the information regarding the exception.

An exception recorded at Slack

The best thing about Slack logging, the whole development team call discuss regarding the error by creating a thread upon that exception.

The source code of this application/article/logger is provided as a GitHub Repository link to which is in the resources section of this article.

One can find the complete tutorial in the video section of this article.

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SlackLogger will only ask a web-hook URL and an exception to behave.

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