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In this tutorial, we will be adding Google Drive as a Laravel Filesystem. The plus points for being a file system is that the integrated filesystem may use the Laravel ease for making file operations.

Using Google Drive as a filesystem is uncommon and unusual because Google Drive neither an FTP server nor can act as CDN. But sometimes you may want to give privileges to the end-user to save reports or invoices or whatever to their respective Google Drive, in that case, it may come handy.

In my several applications, I have used Google Drive as my backup server for my databases. I may lose my databases accidentally (for instance once I have deleted the whole database thinking it is a local development copy) but it is highly unlikely Google Drive will lose my backups too.

You can find your use case for this cool project otherwise it's no offence to hide an ace up in your sleeve in the world of application development.

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Don't forget to link it to application by adding it in app.php


Appending Google Drive Configuration

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Source Code
Video (MP4 4K 60Hz)

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