Build Advanced YouTube Video/Playlist Downloader image

In this video series, we shall build an advanced YouTube downloader.

This downloader covers:

  1. Downloading YouTube Videos
  2. Downloading Bulk Playlist Videos
  3. Creating Link Lists
  4. Coolest Shortcut Downloading
  5. Clickless downloads

This video series uses Twig as it's templating engine, symfony process as it process builder and Noodlehuas's config as its configurator.

Watch the complete video tutorial series and fetch resources given below.

IMPORTANT: YouTube deleted the complete series as it was violating their community guidelines. We have uploaded the complete series on Google Drive to download and watch. The link to the series is given below.

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hassankhan/config Library

Symfony/Process Library

Sensiolabs Twig

Server Feasibility Test File

youtube-dl (Linux)

Complete Video Series (1080p)

Ads By Google - Turn it Off

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